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Our tensioning system SECUCOPE® PLUS

• internal, protected tensioning system (M16)
• tensioning device for perfect rope tension
• easy assembly and installation
• purity of design
• longer service life thanks to hinged connections
• robust Hercules rope with galvanized steel braid
• posts made of steel and permanently protected against corrosion by hot dip galvanisation
• colored powder coatings to ensure additional protection against corrosion and to offer a wide variety of colours


1 - The post
The post has a diameter of 168 mm and is set in concrete. It can be used to connect the various Adventure Park elements.

2 - The cap
Locks the tensioning system and allows subsequent access for retensioning and servicing.

3 - The clamp sleeve slot
Transmits the forces exerted by rope elements to the post and provides a safe bearing for the clamp sleeve.

4 - The clamp sleeve
This is the link between the posts and the Adventure Park elements. Rope elements can easily and safely be tightened by turning the clamp sleeve (M16).

5 - The fork-eye bolts
Tried and tested bolt system (M16) with high load-bearing capacity avoids sharp bending of the ropes and prevents premature wear.