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The soul of everything - The Hercules rope

1 - The rope diameter
The rope diameter is determined according to ergonomic criteria and varies depending on the intended application. For example we use 6-strand ropes in 20 mm for ropeways.

2 - The sheathing
The sheathing is made of multi-fibre material. We do not use split yarns or film yarns. Due to the multiple-strand twisted sheathing the surface is extremely robust, durable and abrasion-resistant.

3 - The yarn
The yarn is made of polyamide or polyester and is highly UV resistant. The colors remain brilliant and bright, even after years of use.

4 - The core
Depending on the intended application, the core is made of either synthetic fibre or steel.

5 - The steel braid
To obtain maximum corrosion protection, the steel braid is heavily galvanized or is given an aluminium-zinc alloy ductile coating.

Parts of the Hercules rope