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The anchor frame - no foundations needed!

    The anchor frame - simple, efficient and fixed in the ground.
    This self-supporting anchor system does not require any concrete foundations and lies on level ground.

    The individual components are assembled using plug-and-screw connections. The framework unit can therefore be fully installed and approved for play in a single working process.

    This not only eliminates the cost-intensive production of foundations, but also the time-consuming multiple trips to the construction projects and the site security as well.

    A long service life is guaranteed since all of the components that lie in the ground are perfectly protected against corrosion by hot-dip galvanizing.

    In addition, this anchor system allows the framework unit to be relocated at a later date without problems. There are also no foundations left in the ground.

    The connecting height of the anchor frame can be individually modified, even allowing assembly on flat roofs. Fell free to contact us - together we will find a solution.

    anchor frame symbol

    This symbol shows you which framework unit you can assemble easily and efficiently with an anchor frame. The use of the anchor frame can vary depending on the device type and the type of add-on elements. It can be used either as an optional ground anchor or is provides as a standard anchor. If additional elements are planned, foundations that correspond to the specifications will also be required.